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Thank you for visiting our employment page! Without our talented and awesome staff, we could never offer the experiences that we do at Camp Marist! We boast a staff to camper ratio of 1-3 and feel so lucky to have such a large number of staff return year after year. This is more than a job, it’s a family. We support and encourage each other to be the best versions of ourselves. You will adventure here and grow here. You will gain leadership skills here. The memories you make here will last forever. Here, there is a place for so many interests and skill-sets! Get ready for the BEST Summer of your life!

Favorite memory:

I met my best friend when we were CITs together; the chants at Mound ‘Call Me Maybe’ dance and chants in the vans on the CITs day off, memories of love, laughter and friendship which has lasted a lifetime for me.Renata

Friendships Made – check!

Why I returned to camp:

Marist family, visiting old friends, showing my wife and children around Camp Marist, the place I went to as a child and the place in which I grew up and became a man. I have a profound love of Camp Marist and my desire for my children to experience Camp Marist and carry the Camp spirit in their hearts throughout their lives.Jorge

Family Connections – check!

The friendships I made when I was a camper and more recently the bonds of friendship I have created as a staff member with both campers and staff. Cabin Life, international friends, there are multiple differences and yet at camp we all embrace the differences and become one family. The diversity of campers, staff and the freedom to be my true self.Hannah

Diversity Embraced – check!

Key factors which brought me to camp:

The people at Camp, both campers and staff have worked to create an open and welcoming environment. The atmosphere at Camp allows you to really grow in confidence and to find yourself.Mackenzie

Personal Growth – check!

Friendships made across the whole of the world, the opportunity to experience and develop skills in a working community with campers and staff. There are opportunities of a lifetime created at Camp through our Camp Marist Spirit and Camp Marist Family.Toni Frances

Skill Development – check!

These are just some of the reasons that make Camp Marist the place to be. There has been a great deal of research done regarding the benefits of working as a summer camp counselor. In fact, recently a number of articles have been written about how employers have begun to look at the role of a camp counselor. They see counselors as leaders, organized, role models, problem solvers, confident, individuals – the list could go on.

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