Employment Information

We seek a good mix of our senior staff, veteran returning staff, and new staff members. While it is very important to us to hire qualified staff in various areas, it is even more important to us to hire enthusiastic, positive, and genuinely caring individuals, who want to make a difference. We review applications and references thoroughly and will conduct face-to-face or Skype interviews to aid us in the hiring process.

Summer employment contracts generally are for a 9 week period, including our Staff Development week, which is required for all staff to familiarize them with the policies of Camp Marist. In addition, during pre-camp we will send mandatory reading materials, such as our Staff Manual, to help staff members understand our mission and the expectations of their employment.

Staff Positions

  • Administrative Team – We have an experienced group of administrators who are or have been teachers for many years. This team is responsible for the smooth running of camp and each member supervises both staff and campers.
  • Program Directors – As part of our efforts to develop Camp leadership of the future, Camp has four program directors to help support and supervise for our activities staff. This includes Waterfront Activities; Field Sports Activities; Fitness, Adventure, and Target Activities; and Arts and Nature Activities.
  • Prefects – The cabin prefect serves many roles in the life of a camper – parent, friend, role model, and much more all rolled into one. They are the anchors for our campers giving them a sense of safety and comfort by creating a cabin spirit and making the cabin their home away from home.
  • Counselors – Our counselors are hired to fulfill specific needs of camp in activities. Besides their expertise in their activity, counselors work with their assigned cabin to assist the prefect in creating a sense of camaraderie in the cabin.
    • Activity Areas – Archery, Riflery, Weightlifting, Wrestling, Martial Arts, Lifeguarding, Water Skiing, Sailing, Kayaking, Canoeing, Fishing, Paddle Boards, Ropes Course, Go-Karts, Arts & Crafts, Dance, Horseback Riding, Call of the Wild/Nature Hiking, Basketball, Tennis and various Field Sports.
  • Counselor in Training (CIT’s) – This program is for individuals who must be aged 16 by July 1 of the coming camp season. CIT’s become part of our leadership training program for two years with the goal being to become a counselor upon completion. We have two CIT Directors with years of experience working with our CIT’s and they are under the supervision of our staff at activities to learn the leadership skills necessary to manage campers, prepare and execute an activity, and the organizational skills to put it all together.

Support Staff

  • Medical Staff – Our Health Lodge Staff have been the envy of every camp for many years. There are always two to three nurses on duty. Nurses must be registered nurses certified in the State of New Hampshire. Some of our Health Lodge staff are also nurse practitioners.
  • Maintenance Staff – In addition to the year-round Maintenance Director, we hire two full-time helpers and some part-time personnel to help keep the campus running smoothly and looking good.
  • Head Chef & Kitchen Staff – These individuals are the unsung heroes of camp. They help with various duties in the kitchen ranging from prep work, dishwashing, keeping the buffet line stocked, and cleaning the kitchen and dining hall.

Hiring & Salaries

We hire staff from all over the world including Australia, Scotland, England, Ireland, Mexico, Canada, France, New Zealand, Korea, Poland, and many more countries. We find this adds an international flavor to our camp that expands the world of our campers. The choice of agency is totally up to the staff member as each agency is different and has different advantages. However, please be aware that obtaining a J1 work visa is a challenging process and should be begun early rather than later. It can take quite a bit of time with a lot of hoops to jump through to complete the process.

U.S. Citizens can apply directly through our website.

Salaries differ according to experience and years of service at Camp Marist, however, salaries for first-year International Staff are determined by their agency.

How to Apply

  • Camp needs drive the hiring process to complete our staff. Starting in October we reach out to the previous summer’s staff to determine if a staff member is returning from the previous summer. Once we know the openings we have, we begin to look at applications and search through the agencies. The goal is to complete the hiring process by February/March.
  • Staff must be 18 years of age by July 1 of the camp season for which they are applying.
  • Submit a staff application
  • We will review the application and ask for references from the list you provide.
  • Skype Interviews will be conducted with all applicants.

CIT Application Process

  • Applicants must be 16 years of age by June 1 of the camp season for which they are applying.
  • Applications can be found here in the fall.
  • Applications and references are then sent to a selection committee, which provides ratings for each applicant based on personal knowledge, essays and reference letters.

Any questions regarding the hiring process should be directed to the main office – office@campmarist.org.

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