Why do parents and campers choose Camp Marist?

We are proud of the strong international community we’ve built of parents, campers, staff and alumni. To learn more about what sets Camp Marist apart, learn more about The Camp Marist Experience.

What type of program does Camp Marist run?

Camp Marist is a traditional overnight camp in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. We welcome boys and girls ages 6 to 16 and offer over 40 activities ranging from athletics, arts, waterfront and nature-based ventures. Learn more about a day in the life of a camper.

What is the tuition & session dates?

The tuition and session dates can differ year to year. To see the current season’s information, check out our dates & rates page.

Who are the Camp Marist campers?

Camp Marist campers travel from areas as local as Conway, NH, and countries as far as Scotland and China. We have always had a strong connection to our community and regularly see campers from the U.S., Mexico and Canada. Our diverse population is one of our greatest strengths, and it is a great opportunity for campers to learn about different cultures and languages and discover how much we all have in common.

Who are the Camp Marist staff?

Camp Marist is unique in that it has a large number of professional adult educators and Marist Brothers who have been working at camp for the past few decades. In addition to our experienced veteran staff, we employ an internationally diverse range of college students and young adults to run our activities and bond with our campers as role models.

What happens if it rains?

With 70 years of experience, Camp Marist is well-versed in the ways of New England weather. While most of our regular activities typically take place outside, we have created a variety outdoor covered spaces for campers to gather and participate in the event of a light rain. During the occasional downpour, campers are happy to enjoy the comforts and well-stocked amusements of their cabins.

What happens if a camper gets sick or injured?

At Camp Marist, we take health and safety of our campers and staff very seriously. Our professionally trained and licensed nurses assist campers with everything from daily medicines and safe sun protection to any potential injuries and illnesses. To learn more, visit our health and safety page.

How are new and homesick campers supported?

Missing home is a normal and natural part of overnight camp, especially within the first few days of a session. The Camp Marist population is comprised of a healthy combination of new and returning campers, and we pride ourselves on going “beyond the name game” in order to get to know each other. Staff are trained to guide returning campers into fostering a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere. The first few days of each session is focused on themes of getting involved, community building and orientation. Our counselors support the message of trying new things and making new friends. Most homesick campers are “cured” within the first two days of arriving, and they are most often the campers that are equally sad when it is time to say goodbye to their new Camp family.

How can I stay in touch with my camper?

Following our philosophy of unplugging and “Be here Now,” Camp Marist campers are asked to leave their phones at home. Since some campers need to bring their phones with them while they are traveling to and from camp, there is a secure and locked place available for any camper phones that are brought on property. However, just because they are enjoying the beauty of New Hampshire, doesn’t mean they are off the grid, learn more about keeping in touch with your Camper.


Additionally, Camp Marist employs full-time photographers to help capture some of the activities and events that happen each day. Photos are uploaded to Bunk1 each evening for parents and family members to view these photos in a secure online setting.

What should I bring to camp? How is laundry handled?

Reviewing our recommended packing list is a good place to start when thinking about what to pack for Camp. Campers should mark all articles of clothing with their name.


Luckily, Camp Marist is fortunate to have two full-time staff members who lovingly take care of all our laundry. Each cabin is assigned one “laundry day” per week. Campers collect and send out their dirty clothes before breakfast, and their clean clothes arrive in a folded pile sometime before lunch.

Does my camper need spending money?

Campers typically request around $25 per week in spending money. Camp runs a small store where Camp Marist clothing and treats are sold during arrival/departure days as well as some rest periods. If campers sign up for any of the Specialty Trips, they may want a bit more spending money, depending on the nature of the adventure.

Who can I contact if I have more questions?

The Camp Marist Office is staffed from 9-5 Monday-Friday during the off-season, and seven days a week from 9-7 when Camp is in session. To see how to get in touch, visit our Contact Us page.

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