Health & Safety

Health and wellness are of the utmost importance to the Camp Marist nurses, administration and staff. The camp supports a well-equipped Health Lodge, which is staffed by experienced registered nurses and/or nurse practitioners with appropriate credentials and certifications.

Assessment and Prevention

The nursing staff provides individualized health care as well as emergency care for the campers. The responsibilities of the nurses include health screening and assessment of camper needs at the beginning of camp, preventive health care for the campers, including sunburn prevention, injury prevention, and health education regarding nutrition, hydration, homesickness, and other important concerns.

Parents are encouraged to prepare their child in advance with adequate sneakers/socks, sun lotion, insect repellent, water bottles, etc. Parents can refer to the Packing List for the full list of recommended supplies.

It is also important that campers are lice/nit free and that their immunizations are up to date.

The nurses also manage acute and chronic illness problems and dispense medications as needed. Camper medications are kept in the Health Lodge and dispensed by the nurses. The Health Lodge has “open clinic” after meals for healthcare concerns, but the nursing staff are always on campus for all healthcare and urgent needs.

Nursing Staff

Camp Marist maintains a nursing staff of 2-3 nurses for all camp sessions. There is a nurse present on campus and available to intervene for most health care situations. The nursing staff also maintain a collaborative relationship with staff from Ossipee Family Practice and Huggins Hospital in Wolfeboro, NH.

Parent/Guardian Contact

For urgent/emergency correspondence with the nursing staff, please use the following backline to the Health Lodge: 603-539-8220

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