A Day in the Life

Each day begins after a solid night’s sleep, with campers woken up by their prefects with music, then presented an overview of the day and reminded of upcoming events. Reminders (and assistance for younger campers) to apply sunscreen and be ready for the morning activities are repeated as all campers prepare for the fun that lies ahead.

Campers start their day with a buffet-style breakfast in the dining hall where they’ll find ample tasty and nutritious options to give them the energy they’ll need.  The whole camp then gathers at the mound to begin as a community with a prayer, flag-raising, any important announcements, and a preview of the day and upcoming special events.

Campers head off to participate in their first three morning activities, each at 45 minutes in length. Camp operates on a two-day alternating schedule, personalized for each camper, that incorporates the numerous activities they have selected.

A kid-friendly, buffet-style lunch with something for everyone is served at 12:45 and is followed by some supervised free time at the canteen, on the playground, or in the cabins until 2:15 when everybody heads out to their 4th and 5th activity periods for the day, followed by an all-camp general swim at the waterfront, then dinner.

The evening activity is a mixed-cabin event where campers choose between competitive tournament games in various sports, or counselor-organized cooperative games and activities. We close the day as a full community with some all-camp fun at the “evening mound” where there are games and challenges to entertain all whether watching or participating. We return to the cabins after a closing prayer and the lowering of the flag where social time with counselors and cabin-mates fills the remainder of the day. An age-appropriate lights-out time is set by prefects to allow all the necessary recovery time for another day of excitement.

Most of our campers are exhausted by the end of the day!

Sample Schedule

Monday – Saturday Sunday
Rising 8:00 Rising 9:00
Breakfast / Mound 8:15 Breakfast 9:30
Activity One 9:45 Mound Gathering 10:45
Activity Two 10:45 General Swim 11:30
Activity Three 11:45 Lunch 12:45
Lunch 12:45 Rest Period 1:30
Rest Period 1:30 Cabin Organized Games 2:45
Activity Four 2:30 General Swim 4:00
Activity Five 3:30 Dinner 5:30
General Swim 4:30 Church Service 7:00
Dinner 5:30 Lights Out by age
Evening Activity 7:00
Evening Mound 8:00
Lights Out by age

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