Adventure & Nature


Archery is one of the most popular activities at camp. Led by a certified instructor through the National Archery Association, campers practice on stationary targets over varying distances using traditional bows, recurve bows, and compound bows. Progress is defined, tracked and recognized as campers hone their skills and show increasing accuracy over the course of each session.

Call of the Wild

The mere mention of the program elicits wild howls from the campers in recognition of the fun and unique skills learned. The emphasis in this activity is on camping and outdoor survival skills like setting up tents, preparing a campfire, lighting a fire without matches, and learning essential knots. Every session can be a little different than any other, but campers have been known to build lean-tos, cook pancakes over a fire, and even catch some fish with makeshift rods.

Nature Hiking

In Nature Hiking campers learn about the natural world and the wonders that surround them – edible and poisonous plants, animal tracks, sounds, and behaviour, compass reading and basic orienteering, hiking safety and more. Campers will know how to pack for a hiking trip of various lengths, how to determine their direction on a trail, and how to spot and handle a typical encounter with regional wildlife.

Ropes Challenge

Cooperation, Trust, and Teamwork define what it takes to be successful on the ropes course. With low-ropes and high-ropes elements campers develop their skills and confidence through individual as well as team-based challenges. Trained and certified instructors guide and support the campers as they reach new heights.


Campers wind their way through the Camp’s track with our fleet of commercial go-karts. Campers learn and practice the basic mechanics of cart operation and compete for fast but safe and controlled lap completions. Always a hit, but we reserve this thrill for campers under age 14.

Horseback Riding

Our experienced riding instructors will provide novice and seasoned riders with a memorable and educational experience over the course of the session. From our ample corral to the numerous bridle paths throughout our large campus, riders will learn to groom and care for the horses, as well as develop riding skills in their time at the stables Note that campers should plan to bring long pants for riding and boots if they have them. When signing up, families should estimate the camper’s experience level:


For new riders who are comfortable being close to a horse but lack riding experience, this level introduces campers to safety, care and grooming, getting on and off the horse, and controlling the horse for walking, trotting, and stopping.


For campers who have mastered the beginner skills and have confidence with basic leading, riding, and caring for the horse. This level practices saddling the horse, leading through tight circles, maintaining balance and control while trotting and cantering, comfort walking and trotting on trails, stopping over a medium distance, and provides an introduction to jumping


This group is made up of campers with substantial experience riding and who are comfortable and proficient at the skills in the previous levels. This level teaches proper methods for putting on the bridle and cleaning the hooves, and provides practice jumping and maintaining proper position, as well as safe trail riding at 3 speeds with an emphasis controlling, varying speeds, and stopping over short distances.

Air Rifles

Campers through age 11 learn the basics of safety and handling the air rifle, sighting and shooting in different positions, and goal-setting around points on targets. The fundamentals of behavior and respect on a shooting range are introduced as well.


Campers age 12 and over can learn how to concentrate and control their movements as they shoot at targets on our protected 50-foot rifle range. Under the guidance of trained, certified, and experienced instructors, campers learn to handle and fire single-shot .22 rifles.

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